Turk-Nine Regulations
1       All Texas game laws must be strictly followed.  Failure to comply with Texas game laws will result in you being removed        
        from the ranch property and TPWD will be notified.
2      Do not litter.  Please dispose of trash in appropriate trash receptacle.  Please help to keep this beautiful land pristine.
3      No smoking is allowed inside camp house.   Please properly dispose of cigarette butts.
4      Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in camp only.   Drinking alcoholic beverages while hunting is not permitted.
5      Hunters are required to sign release of liability and waiver document.
6      Report all shots to guides, and we will help you recover your game.  Any animal shot that draws blood counts against your
   allotment even if animal is not recovered.
7      Do not cross any fences.
8      Hunter must take all meat for animals that they kill.
9      Clean up after yourself in cooking area and bathrooms.  Wash all dishes and utensils.
10     Take any food items that you bring with you when you leave.
11     Do not remove anything from the ranch that does not belong to you.
12     Any violation of ranch rules or Texas Laws will result in you being removed from ranch property and law enforcement will be
   notified.  No refund will be given.
13     Do not remove or cut any vegetation without permission of guide.
14    There is a $1500 cash fine for any animal taken that is under the limit or not included in your hunt.
15    For further information:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department